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The Neal Triplets

Our Newest Pictures


David, Anna and Elizabeth ~ September 14, 2000


Elizabeth, David, Anna - 8-24-00
Elizabeth, David and Anna ~ August 24, 2000
"But we're reading Mommy!!!"


Anna, Elizabeth and David ~ June 25, 2000
Is that too many toys or too many kids for the toybox?!?!?


Elizabeth, Anna, David and Mommy ~ May 21, 2000
Yes, that's a picture of Mommy!! You don't see many of them (thank goodness, she says!!!), because usually she is the one taking the pictures of us!  We were getting ready to go to our triplets friends' 2nd birthday party, so we had to snap a picture or two!!!


David ~ March 21, 2000    Anna ~ March 21, 2000
David ~ March 2000                           Anna ~ March 2000

Elizabeth ~ March 21, 2000
Elizabeth ~ March 2000


Anna, Elizabeth, David - July 1999

Anna, Elizabeth and David ~ July 1999
This is one of Mommy's all time favorites of us!  :o)


Anna ~ June 1999

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