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The Neal Triplets

  "The Story of Triplets"

Once upon a time there were 3 little angels who lived in heaven and enjoyed every happy time there.  They gathered the evening dew and sprinkled it across the silvery clouds to bring fresh rain to the wilting daffodils.

Early one spring, it doesn't matter when exactly, the Angel Gabriel came to the 3 little angels with tidings of great news!  "The time has come, precious angels, for your spirits to enter earthly bodies and become children to earthly parents.  What joy you will bring them!  And what joy you will feel!  You will be able to run your feet across the warm, smooth ground.  You will smell the grass after a quick summer storm.  You'll feel the bite of winter's breath upon your face.  And, ah, the adventures that will challenge you, the chances for great success, the hope that you will have true love, and the taste of salty tears spilling from a heart overflowing!"  Yet even as Gabriel spoke of these new beginnings, the little angels felt great sorrow.  They looked at one another, their eyes exchanging a shared thought.  "But we have always been together!" one young angel cried.  "We know," the others answered.  "I want to be with you always!" the young angel cried.  "We know," the others answered.  "But I'll never ever be happy on earth without you!" the young angel cried again.  "We know," the others answered.

The earthly messengers arrived, one each for the little spirits and they led them apart.  The little angels, in desperate grief, reached a tiny hand out to the others, a last touch, a final good-bye.  Their heartbeats, like thunder in the silent night, trumpeted in unison.  And God listened.  Feeling their pain, he summoned Gabriel to his side.  "The love of these 3 friends moves us to change the laws.  Enable them to enter the world through one womb, so that they may remain together past the veil of Heaven.  But as you impart their souls into the life's blood of their mother, fill her heart with the tender knowledge of my great love for them, so that she will care for them as I would care for them.  Command that she and their father cherish their special birth, and know that it was they who have chosen each other.

So with this decree, the 3 little angels left one another to enter Heaven's place of souls before their descent to earth.  But at the last instant before their journey to earth, one little angel looked earnestly into the eyes of the others and shouted "See you!  You know I'll always be there for you!  I love you!"  "We know," the others answered.



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