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Anna - Christmas 2000
Anna ~ Christmas 2000

Anna ~ November 4, 2000


Hello!  My name is Anna Marie Neal!
I was born on November 4th, 1997 at 7:12a.m.  That makes me the "middle child"...  Everyone thinks I'm the youngest, just because I'm the smallest!

As you can tell, we all LOVE getting close to Mommy's camera...  And no "poses" here, huh?  I'm the one that Grandma says has that "sparkle" that makes you wonder what I'm going to do next...  Usually something really cute!

My favorite thing right now is to play  with my Barbies...!  I have way too many of them Mommy and Daddy says, but I love them all!  I also love singing and playing with Davey and Lizzie!  :o)


Anna - May 21, 2000

Anna 6-30-99        Anna 9-6-99


                           4 Anna This cute graphic was given to me by Barb, Mommy's friend, because I'm such a big girl!

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