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The Neal Triplets

Elizabeth - Christmas 2000
Elizabeth ~ Christmas 2000

Elizabeth ~ September 19, 2000


Hello!  My name is Elizabeth Renea Neal!
I was born November 4th, 1997 at 7:13a.m.  That makes me the youngest!  Everyone asks if I'm the oldest, because I'm the tallest...


I love being silly and you can be sure that any time Daddy is sitting down, I'm right there on his lap!  :o)  I also love to "read" -- that's
when David, Anna and I sit around and "read" each other books...
We've heard them all so many times, it seems like we really
can read them!!!  And when I really want something,
you have to listen close, because I love whispering, too!!

     Elizabeth - 9-2-2000

4 Lizzie This cute graphic was given to me by Barb, Mommy's friend, because I'm such a big girl!

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