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The Neal Triplets

David - Christmas 2000
David ~ Christmas 2000

Fireman David - Sept 19, 2000
David ~ September 19, 2000

Hi there!  My name is David Lee Neal.
I was born November 4th, 1997 at 7:11a.m.  So that means I am the OLDEST,but my sisters seem to keep forgetting that!


As you can see, I love getting my picture taken!  I'm a fun-loving guy that likes to run around, driving Mommy crazy!!!!  My favorite thing right now is Reptar, off the Rugrats Movie!  "I am Reptar, hear me roar!!!"  I also love the "ugly guy" from Star Wars, but Mommy says that's the only time I can say "ugly" because there really isn't any other words to describe this guy!  :o)

   David - 9-2-2000


                            4 David This cute graphic was given to me by Barb, Mommy's friend, because I'm such a big boy!

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